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This week’s parsha is a story of faith and of secrets.  Hashem does not reveal the location of the Promised Land until after Abraham embarks on his journey.  The beauty of Sarah is revealed to Abraham and he decides to hide the true identity of his wife from the Pharaoh.  Abraham launches a clandestine operation to rescue his brother from the evil kings.  An angel reveals the blessing of a son to a barren and distraught Sarah.  Hashem is described as the “God of Seeing” because for Abraham and Sarah, at their age, it is almost impossible to imagine progeny numbering like the stars in the sky.  This week seeing is believing as we reveal some delicious "secret" recipes, you know the ones where you can't tell what it is from the outside. 

The Weekly Challah


Butternut Squash Soup

Perfect Fall first course. This one isn't so secret but in Israel we call it Orange soup and you never really know which orange vegetables are actually in the soup and everyone has their own variations, so I'm counting it. 

Lamb Turnovers

lamb turnovers

Turnovers or hand pies or empanadas or bourekas are the perfect secret food, you never know what's inside but it's always delicious. 

Shepherd's Pie

chicken shepherd's pie

What's hidden underneath that layer of cauliflower? Only you will know when you dig in!



End the meal with this unique Egyptian stuffed pastry. 

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