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How To Serve A Yogurt Bar

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Our Inspiration: The Mamilla hotel in Jerusalem is a culinary experience like no other. While vacationing in Israel with my family this past winter, the Shabbat weekend we spent at Mamilla was one that took our trip to a whole new level. We were surrounded by gourmet dishes bursting with classic and new flavor combinations; it was a veritable feast for the senses.

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Israeli hotels are known for their breakfast spreads and Mamilla’s breakfast spread was the best I have ever experienced. The breakfast included an assortment of fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, and an incredible selection of cheeses, fresh breads and pastries. The real standout of the buffet was the  ‘yogurt bar.’ It was so simple,  yet so indescribably delicious. My six- and eight-year  old sons have never been  more excited about yogurt.  We all kept on heading back  for just a little bit more. The fresh, cool and tangy taste of the yogurt together with the homemade and gourmet granola, milk-coated cereal, passion fruit puree, blueberry sauce and fresh fruit was the best way we could imagine starting our day.  Inspired by our growing obsession with yogurt, I knew we would feature this simple idea in our Shavuot issue. You will love how quickly this all comes together, and is fun, elegant and satisfying without the ‘heavy’ feeling which accompanies many dairy meals.

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For The Yogurt Bar

The following are some suggestions (recipes linked on the words), but feel free to add anything you love to make a fun, nutritious and yummy buffet that would be great for any meal and any occasion.

Recommended Yogurt - I like to use plain yogurt as a blank canvas for all the flavorful additions. You can also use vanilla or flavored yogurt of choice or a few containers of Greek yogurt if you prefer.

Dessert Option: Use frozen yogurt in place of the yogurt for a fun and modern dessert option.

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