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Passover Seder Makot Matching Game

makot game

The plagues with which the Egyptians were punished because they would not allow the Jews to leave Egypt are called the makot.  This fun matching game will help children remember the names of the plagues as well as what happened to the Egyptians during that time.  This game is quick and easy to make as well as to play. Laminating the cards will make them more durable; this can be done at a local copy shop.

Makot Matching Game


■ 3 (8½"x11") sheets white cardstock or thick paper
■ 3 (12"x12") sheets colored cardstock or scrapbook paper
■ scissors
■ markers
■ glue stick

How to do it:

1. Fold one sheet of white paper in half. Then fold the paper in half and then in half again. Unfold the paper. The folds will have divided the paper into 8 equal rectangles.
2. Repeat step one with the other two papers. Cut out the rectangles; you will only need 20, so there will be four extra.
3. Draw a picture of a different makah on ten of the rectangles or download a clip art picture from your computer and glue to rectangles.
4. Write or print the Hebrew and English names of each makah on the other ten rectangles.
5. Fold the 12"x12" papers in the same manner that you did the white paper. Cut out the colored rectangles.
6. Center each white rectangle on each colored rectangle and glue into place, centering the white rectangles so that a colored border is visible.

Optional: Have the cards laminated at a copy shop or office center.  Punch a hole in the top right corner of each card and place on a metal ring for storage.
Note: The makot cards pictured here were made using color copies of illustrations in the ArtScroll Children's Haggadah; used with permission.

Estimated time: 45 minutes