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Dinner Tonight - A Week of Menus - Curry Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Ginger Curry Chicken Letttuce Wraps

Hope you had a great Shavuot/Memorial Day weekend!  Hopefully you got to relax a bit and hopefully we can sail into Summer without too much stress.  We have been eating a lot of dairy, so this week we can bring back the meat, but still keep it light and healthy and since we are getting a late start, it is already Tuesday, head to the store early and add a Rotisserie Chicken to your list, let's make tonight the easiest of all.

Starting our late week with a store bought Rotisserie chicken that we can shred up and put into lettuce cups.  You can also use this recipe as a guide for a large chicken salad.  Serve alongside Oat Groats with Carrot, Scallions and Raisins.

Ginger Curry Chicken Letttuce Wraps

Ginger Curry Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Rainbow Coleslaw

Wednesday we can go South of the Border with Poblano & Skirt Steak Fajitas, the quick cooking steak and vegetables make this dinner a snap to prepare.


Thursday already? It is always a great pizza night, but if you can't stomach anymore cheese yet, try these traditional Laham b'Ajeen - mini meat pizzas.  Serve with Lib Kusa (Squash and Onions) or your favorite vegetable soup, maybe this Moroccan Fava Bean.

Laham b’Ajeen

And back to Shabbat, check out our Shabbat Menus for loads of ideas.