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Quick Passover Breakfasts

passover breakfasts

After all the preparation for the Seders you know you are set for dinner with leftovers, at least until they run out or you get tired of eating them.  But what about breakfast?  How do you manage to feed the family in the morning when you are in a rush, tired of eating matzo brie (although can one get tired of that delicious little pancake?), and your family doesn't like commercial cereals that resemble their favorite everyday cereal but has a mouth feel of Styrofoam (my opinion)?

Here are some alternatives for breakfast that can start your day, and stomachs, on a happy note!

passover matzo granola

Passover Granola and Chocolate Treats

If they give out a Nobel Prize for food, I'm a contender with my Passover Granola.  I have been making this for over 30 years and it has become such a hit in my home town that there is usually a run on Matzo Farfel at the stores weeks before the holiday begins.


Passover Migas

In Texas eggs are often scrambled with meats and cheeses and vegetables along with fried tortilla strips.  This mixture could not be made in a kosher home with or without the tortilla strips.  Here in my Passover Migas the eggs are mixed with bright vegetables sautéed fresh or using leftover veggies, cheese is added if desired and the crunch comes from matzo farfel.


Geshmirta Matzo

The last recipe is Ashkenazic by way of South African traditions.  Geshmirta Matzo is a simple baked dish (takes 12-15 minutes to bake and 5 minutes to make) of matzo spread with a cream cheese mixture that tastes like little cheesecake toasts.  Great for breakfast, afternoon snack or even a quick dessert after a dairy meal.

Have a wonderful Pesach and enjoy your mornings!

Enjoy the holidays; try to unwind from all the preparations, and …

Eat in Good Health!

The Following recipes appear in Tina's new book, Entrée to Judaism for Families-Jewish Cooking and Kitchen Conversations with Children.