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Sunda Croonquist and Chef Nir Weinblut

Sunda Croonquist is an actress and comedian that has appeared on The Today Show, The View, Entertainment Tonight, Oprah’s “OWN”, Nick Moms, and The Doctors. As the funniest Mom in comedy, Sunda Croonquist kills with her combination of culture, gift of gab and unapologetic parenting style. Of course, having a degree in Criminal Justice also helps her keep the kids in line. Sunda Croonquist has risen through the ranks of standup comedy, remaining “the antithesis of the Hollywood Housewife.” When you’re born Swedish and Black, look like a Puerto Rican, are given a Hindu name, with cousins from the panhandle of Florida and are sent Catholic schools for 16 years, resulting in converting to Judaism... Life is bound to get funny!  

Chef Nir Weinblut is a world-class kosher chef and caterer, whose exquisite cuisine pushes the boundaries of traditional kosher fare, Nir Weinblut’s Beverly Hills restaurant, La Gondola is the go-to for anyone seeking inventive dishes in an elegant setting. Dealmakers, global royalty, diplomats, entertainers, sports figures, and corporate titans mingle at his Wilshire boulevard restaurant with young foodies on a daily basis.