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The Shuk Cook

Uri Zaltzman, known as “The Shuk Cook” is taking Jerusalem by storm with an insider’s scoop of all the happenings of The Machane Yehuda Market. He considers himself a loyal customer and friend of the best butchers and specialty vegetable vendors, and is repaid kindly with Jerusalem’s best cuts and produce. His chief inspirations are chefs Gordon Ramsey and Heston Blumenthal, the team at Chefsteps, the Modernist Cuisine team, and many others. Uri specializes in meat, with a vast knowledge of the various cuts and how to prepare them, and is willing to indulge in the occasional vegetable. Uri works in the IT industry by day, and spends the rest of his time either in the kitchen or at the local market working on his next dish. The Shuk Cook was born out of Uri’s passion for cooking, his desire to share his culinary Journey, and his willingness to answer any food or shuk related questions.