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A Meaty Breakfast From The Kosher Butcher's Wife

macon muffin eggs

Being a butcher, my husband leaves for work really early in the morning. I don't even hear the alarm go off anymore, in fact the first time I realize it's the next day is when he kisses me goodbye and I get to smell the hint of aftershave as he leaves for work. So family breakfasts, as typically portrayed on TV shows, don't quite follow that pattern in our home. More often than not it's a bowl of cereal or a piece of toast with a cup of Italian blend coffee just before leaving for work. However, it is not uncommon for me to come home on a weekday morning to find one of my children cooking up a 'boerewors breakfast bonanza' with all the trimmings!

boerewors muffins

Boerewors Muffins

Breakfast was much easier to prepare when the children were all at school. They all had to be dressed and ready at the same time so I could feed all of them at once with either polony and scrambled eggs, "eggy" bread (french toast) or Macon and Eggs. There were a few times during their school careers that I received phone calls from the school to say one of my children wasn't 'feeling well'!  It was always the child who had woken up too late to eat breakfast and more often than not after a couple of sausages and eggs they made a remarkable recovery and were ready to go back to school!

A case of hypochondria from the side effects of hunger seemed a lot easier to handle than having to carry the burden of guilt if they were genuinely ill. Speaking of which, it wasn't so long ago that my mother unfortunately broke her leg and on Dr's instructions couldn't come back to my home in a car and needed to be transported by Hatzollah, our community ambulance service. Thank G-d she arrived home safely and I thanked the paramedics for their wonderful service to which they replied "Nothing a Macon and Egg breakfastwon't sort out!!" Why should the best way to a paramedic's 's heart be any different to that of any other man's?