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Best Kosher Supermarket - Pomegranate


Pomegranate Kosher Supermarket is known around the country as the preeminent kosher supermarket to rival the non-kosher gourmet markets.  Located in Brooklyn, NY visitors from all over travel far and wide just to experience this store.  Pomegrante was voted as the Best of Kosher Supermarket 2012 by the community and now we talked to Pomegranate to find out more:

1. Tell us about you and/or your company:

4 years ago, when Mr. Abraham Banda had the vision for Pomegranate, he set out to create something new in the kosher world that wasn’t yet in existence. Why shouldn’t the kosher consumer have access to quality foods that non-kosher consumers have? Pomegranate has even surpassed those expectations and become a destination. It’s the only 5-star kosher market in the world, with the best quality foods and the type of personal service you’ll only experience in the most luxurious hotels. We’re located in the heart of Flatbush, yet our customers come from all over the world to shop here. Those that live close by consider themselves very lucky.

2. Why do you think you won Best of Kosher?

When Pomegranate was launched, we set out to create an experience that wasn’t yet available to the kosher consumer.

Every single one of our employees comes to work with their hearts in it, and they love what they do. That translates into a superior experience for the consumer. Our entire team is genuinely devoted to making sure that every single time a customer steps into our store, they receive that signature Pomegranate service.

pomegranate butcher

In our meat department, you’ll find cuts that are the best quality you’ll find, probably anywhere in the kosher market globally. You can buy a steak, take it home, and eat like you’re dining in a five star restaurant. You can’t get meat like that anywhere at everyday prices.

pomegranate meat

Our fish team goes to the market every single night and brings back the freshest. And everyone flips for Pomegranate’s sushi, all created by our master sushi Chef David, who studied under the Iron Chef Morimoto.

Pomegranate Fish

Our deli department is unprecedented. Every day, from early in the morning, our chefs are preparing a selection of hundreds of foods that customers can take home and enjoy. The selection of items and the gourmet options that our chefs create here are only available here. And our shoppers feel like kings and queens while they are perusing all the options and being waited on.

pomegranate prepared

I haven’t even touched on our produce, bakery, grocery departments, or our gourmet cheeses made in-house. And all the salads and dips…they’re legendary.

pomegranate deli

I think that all of our customers know what Pomegranate offers, and they feel very passionate about shopping here. From those who live locally and visit weekly, to those who come from far away, consumers everywhere have been touched by the Pomegranate experience and we know, hands down, that each of them unequivocally believe that Pomegranate is the best kosher market in the world.

3. What are your plans for the coming year?

Pomegranate never rests on its laurels and always is thinking of what we can do to make the Pomegranate experience even better.

There are a lot of subtle changes that we’re always instituting in the store to enhance the consumer experience.

We’re always innovating and brainstorming new ideas. For example, there are a lot of new food products our chefs are working on creating and new departments that are in development.

The only way to find out what’s new at Pomegranate is to come and visit. You’ll find something new every single time you shop.


Pomegranate is located at 1507 Coney Island Avenue - Corner Avenue L - call 718-951-7112 for more inforamation.

Images from Pomegranate Marketing Team.