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Best of Kosher Hotel Winner - Pardes Rimonim B&B of Venice

pardes rimonim

Pardes Rimonim, the kosher B&B of Venice, Italy is the winner of our Best of Kosher Hotel/B&B as voted by our JoyofKosher community.  Now it is time to learn a bit more about them.

Last May, the Jewish Community of Venice opened the new Hotel - Kosher House "Giardino de Melograni" (Pardes Rimonim/Pomegranate Orchard) and hopes to spread the word amongst Jewish communities and organizations around the world. Because the hotel is owned by the Jewish Community, all it profits go to tzedakah projects, initiatives for the Jewish Venitian youth, the elderly and students as well as the renovation of the ghetto and its 5 ancient synagogues. The Giardino is the only kosher accommodation in Venice.

pardes rimonim location

The B&B is located in the sunny square of the Jewish Ghetto next to the old synagogues, original art galleries and local shops, overlooking one of the most romantic canals; walking distance from the center but removed from the most crowded streets, allowing guests to relax in the quiet of the lovely building and pomegranate garden.

The hotel is located only 10 minutes’ walk from the train and bus station and the Vaporetto (Water Bus) stop is just around the corner. Buffet Breakfast is included and Chalav Yisroel.

The hotel also boasts a new meat restaurant, “Hostaria Del Ghetto”, in the same building and is Glatt Kosher Lemehadrin. It is the only restaurant in Venice with a kosher certificate by the chief Rabbi of Venice, Gili Benyamin, serving a fusion of the best Jewish Venetian cuisine and Argentinian specialties.

pardes restaurant

We asked them why they think they won and the answer was :

"We think that we won because we are an hotel which is new and unique, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We give good value and kosher food to the Jewish travelers. Tourists staying in the hotel also feel that they are contributing to the continuation of Jewish life in the Ghetto.  We just opened up the restaurant for every day and plan to continue to enrich the menu with traditional Jewish-Venetian dishes.

Another remarkable initiative is to open a Venetian kosher cooking school. We are researching in depth the historic Jewish recipes of the Venetian Jewish community - a community that was  a crossroad of Jews from all over the Diaspora, German- Ashkenazi, French- Ashkenazi, Italian, Spanish and “Levantini” (Jews from Greece and the Ottoman Empire). These recipes were passed down from generation to generation creating a cuisine which is a unique fusion of tastes and techniques.  We will use this cooking school to teach them to others.

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