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Tips And Tricks With Chef Itzik At Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem

This is a really fun film we shot with Israel's leading luxury hotel chef, Executive Chef Itzik Barak, on location at both Machane Yehuda Market aka "The Shuk" and the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem. Full of shopping, shuk-ing, cooking and eating - a few of my favorite pastimes - Chef Itzik and I were inspired by the seasonal market produce to create his signature Shabbos and Yom Tov hotel fare. Be sure to let me know if this looks like it tastes good to you!

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Feel free to flip through our behind-the-scenes photo album.

You know you can bring that slide show to life by watching my marathon behind-the-scenes Facebook stream from the entire shoot. Starting with the day's first light and ending with the last bite!

First Light

Last Bite