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5 Flavored Matzo Ball Recipes for Passover

Winn-Dixie For Passover

For many people matzo ball soup is nostalgic of Passover, the thing people most look forward to (besides the brisket) during the seder.  It's hard not to love it, the soup, matzo ball and the comforting flavors of the chicken broth.  For those who have never felt that love, or who are looking to re-kindle it, there are a number of way to liven up the classic matzo ball soup.  Below are 5 must-try recipes that will breathe new life into your favorite matzo ball soup recipe.


Saffron Matzo Ball Soup With Sofrito: A little spice and plenty of character, this Latin-America reminiscent matzo ball soup is packed with flavor.

Carrot Dill Matzo Ball Soup

Carrot Dill Matzah Balls: If you're not looking to stray too far from tradition, then this might be your recipe.  Incorporate the vegetables and herbs that are normally floating in the soup right into the matzo ball!

Stuffed Matzo Balls

Use your favorite recipe and stuff them!!


Prune Stuffed Matzo Balls

egg drop matzoton soup

Meat Stuffed - Passover Egg Drop MatzoTon Soup: For the many who don't go to restaurants on Passover, have no fear, you won't go into withdrawal from your favorite chinese place if you try egg and wonton (MatzoTon!) soup recipe.

Mod Matzo Ball Soup

“Mod” Matzo Ball Soup: For all the minestrone lovers out there, this is your new matzo ball soup. The red broth is a fun and unexpected play on the traditional clear chicken broth.


Passover Matzo Balls:  For the die-hard tradition-keepers, this recipe will keep those matzo balls soft and floating right at the top.  The seltzer gives them the airiness, while the olive oil gives the matzo balls a deeper flavor than vegetable oil.

spinach matzo balls

 Try whole wheat and add spinach for color and flavor - Spinach Whole Wheat Matzo Balls.

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