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Passover is my gastronomic week.

Luscious spring vegetables and fruit all around us; the best dairy products, fish, meat, poultry, wines.  You call that challenges, restrictions?

I call it a spring thanksgiving feast!

So long blintzes, cereal, rice, pasta, pizza! See you next week, I know you’ll still be there!

So, how can we cope? Brilliantly! Deliciously!

Moroccan Cuisine is my first and most enduring culinary love.  Although, I give cooking demos and write my cookbooks on every imaginable theme (all-natural across the board, of course), there is a simple reason Moroccan cuisine is my first and most enduring culinary love. The ingredients are simple, affordable and wholesome, and their integrity always shines through: no gimmicks whatsoever; the preparation steps sometimes so simple as to appear deceptively naïve; the finished dish much more glorious than the modest sum of its parts. Such is the magic of our flavors: bold, assertive, fragrant, guileless: how can you miss?

All the following dishes are excerpted from my latest cookbook, The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen (except the artichoke and carrot dish, which is excerpted from my first cookbook, Levana’s Table).


Fish Soup

Lamb & Dried Fruit Tajine with Almonds

Moroccan seder Opener

Roasted Chicken in Dry Spice Rub

Passover Feast with Moroccan Flavors

Artichoke & Carrots in Lemon Sauce
Tomato Salad
Cabbage, Fennel, Radish & Orange Salad

Cabbage Fennel Radish and Orange Salad

Spicy Nut Truffles
Minted Fruit Salad
Pecan Brownies

seder desserts

Photography by Ruvi Leider