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Finally, the Mishkan has been built and Aaron and his sons officially are anointed, priests.  A cloud appears over the Mishkan to signify the divine presence.  To celebrate the completion of the Mishkan and the second book of the Torah we will rejoice with a cloud-like dessert, Meringues.  You can make cookies, pavlova, pies or go really crazy and make this amazing creation, non-dairy Baked Alaska!

Wild Rice Soup

wild rice chicken soup

Star with a different kind of chicken soup, this one features wild rice for a change. 

Herb-Roasted Beef in a Salt Crust

Herb-Roasted Beef in a Salt Crust

Move on to this unique way to cook your Shabbat meat, in salt.  Loaded with herbs it stays moist and flavorful. 



Kale Squared

Braised and Raw Kale

Get extra greens with a side of kale. 

Non-Dairy Baked Alaska

baked alaska

The best part of this meal is the baked Alaska.  Commonly served at steakhouses it's the perfect end to this steakhouse dinner.