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Nothing wrong with S'mores, they are an all time favorite at least in America, Israel is a different story.  You can get marshmallows in Israel and roast them, but you can't find graham crackers!  Everyone always cracks up watching this video of Jamie's first year in Israel for Lag Baomer and her comical trip to the super market, where she asked for graham crackerim with a funny accent, watch below. 

As you can see, Lag Bomer is the holiday of the bonfire, the streets fill with burning wood and gatherings of people and the most popular foods are those wrapped in tinfoil.  Next time you go camping give it a try, wrap up some potatoes and onions and throw them on the bottom, let them cook while you play games and relax in front of the flames.  When you're ready, dig them out, let them cool just enough to be able to unwrap and eat with your hands. 

I've heard that some people put a whole can of tuna in the fire for a smoked tuna experience, but I don't know how that works, if anyone's tried it, let us know in the comments. 

If you have more sophisticated tastes I have some other ideas for your bonfire from around the web, tinfoil is still helpful, but don't forget the forks, knives and lots of napkins.