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Crowd Pleasing Cocktail Punch Recipes

cocktail punch recipes

Punch has grown up from the days of the Kool-Aid Man, but that doesn't mean the kids can't still enjoy it. Punches can run the gamut from non-al- coholic, G-rated batches that are fun for the whole family (but often taste like sugar-saturated, camp “Bug Juice”) to boozy, knock-your-socks-off, frat-party concoctions (that would only be suitable for Purim, if then!).  The two punches I have created for you walk the delicate line between the two extremes. Both recipes are balanced: maybe a little sophisticated for a punch, but nothing that the whole family won’t enjoy. The flavors and colors are in keeping with the season, and each one can be made with or without the alcohol to suit your crowd.

Just remember that you really can’t go wrong here as long as you keep taste-testing along the way. A little less fruit or a little more bubbles won’t hurt anything!!

Cranberry Flame Punch

Pearpourri PUnch

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