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Happy Passover and Happy 1 Year Anniversary!!!

If I actually had any energy left after all this prep and work that I had to wrap before Yuntif, I would find the right words to thank you all and wish you the best of the best this Pesach.

It really is such a truly happy occasion and I am looking forward to it this year in a way that I can't remember from past years.  Maybe its because it's my 5th year making Pesach and I've learned to chill a bit, maybe it's because we only have a 2 day yuntif (in the US), or maybe it's because we have a full week of chol hamoed without a shabbos in between to break up the family plans and add to the cooking load.  I am not sure if it's one or all of those things or the fact that as my kids grow older I so look forward to enjoying the seder along with them.

Seder Plate

Every time I write a "Wishing you a Happy fill-in-the-blank-holiday-here"  post I get all teary and nostalgic and use it as a marker to look back at this time last year.  And guess what?  We launched last Pesach and now we have grown to almost 100,000 individual visitors per month!  We are thankful beyond words that you have chosen to make our site your home away from home or rather your cyber kitchen.  It's your continued support that allows us to be all that we can be and enables us to create the ultimate online kosher destination.  We thank you for helping make our dream of serving you yummy food and nuggets of culinary knowledge every hour of every day (except shabbos and yuntif of course), come true.  And we value your contributions to our community site - your recipes, your comments, your posts in ways you can not imagine.  Each of you have become special and important to us and you regulars who always take the time to drop a line, really enhance our party.  Happy 1 year anniversary to us all.  I think we all look pretty good for 1 :-)

And mostly this time of year we are thankful to be celebrating our exodus from Egypt, our freedom.  As we pray to know and understand and truly mean the words of L'Shana Haba B'Yerushalayim I dream of seeing us all there, together, next year G-d Willing.

From all of us at - We wish everyone a Chag K'asher V'Sameyach, a Zissin Pesach and a GREAT PASSOVER.  Yes, I know all those pretty much mean the same thing I just like to flaunt my knowledge of the lingo.

Lots of Hugs!

Make sure to bookmark our Passover holiday page where you can find all our Passover articles and here you can browse through all our Passover recipes.  Please check back next week too for inspiring Chol Hamoed ideas, you know you'll need it.