Use Stale Bread In These Panzanella Salad Recipes

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Traditional Tomato Panzanella with Buffalo Mozzarella

In a little county inn in Israel on the boarder of Lebanon my husband found true love... in a salad.

I've never actually seen him react to vegetables in that way, although he's quite a foodie.

After spending four days in this lovely place surrounded by picturesque scenery and amazing food he had eaten his fare share of this panzanella, a simple mixture of fresh vegetables, herbs and toasted bread, simply dressed in a basic yet flavorful mixture of olive oil and fragrant vinegar.

Panzanella, or Italian bread salad, is so versatile and forgiving. With endless incarnations at you fingertips, you can rely on fresh, in season produce, without having to go searching for hard to find ingredients.

The key to getting this simple salad right every time?

Add the toasted bread cubes after dressing the salad and right before serving.

Strawberry Nectarine Panzanella with Blue Cheese

Strawberry Nectarine Panzanella with Blue Cheese and Mixed Greens

In Israel, we get positively giddy when there is a crossover in seasonal produce. While strawberry season is coming to a close, stone fruits are just beginning to make an appearance and they are lovely. For a new take on an old classic, this recipe features strawberries and nectarines paired with a strong blue cheese, fresh herbs and the requisite toasted bread. Tossed with fresh mixed greens, this salad is a lovely accompaniment to any dairy meal.

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Traditional Tomato Panzanella with Buffalo Mozzarella

Traditional Tomato Panzanella with Buffalo Mozzarella

A classic and simple salad, traditional Panzanella is all about the combination of fresh vibrant tomatoes and the mixture of fresh basil and parley. Dressed in a basic yet elegant vinaigrette the flavors of the vegetables and herbs are the stars of this dish. A hearty yet mild flavored buffalo mozzarella adds texture.

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Add the toasted bread after dressing, right before serving.

Hope you enjoy my new favorite salads, let me know what variations you try in the comments below.

2 Panzanella Salad Recipes