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Calling all list makers, this is your day...

Sadly, it is not mine. I loathe lists.  

If you have been reading my countdown posts you now know I hate to clean and I hate lists.  You probably think I am the messiest, least organized person on the planet and sometimes I feel that way, but somehow I manage and I even get complimented more often than you would think for my organization skills. 

I take after my Mother, she has the messiest office, but always knows where everything is, but I almost always forget something when I travel so I do understand the value of lists.  I am thankful for computers and their amazing search functionatlity, and when it comes to Passover I succumb to the hidden list maker inside of me and this is how I do it. 

List #1: Kitchen Inventory

Take inventory of all your silver, dishes, tablecloths, pots, pans, spatulas, and serving pieces, real and disposable and start to figure out what else you need to buy.  This job is much easier if you started last year, so take note to pack up well this year. 

List #2: Seder Inventory

Check your stock of Haggadot and other seder needs like seder plate, matzo plate, matzo cover, cup of Eliyahu, and afikoman cover.  Or make your own DIY crafts for the seder

List #3: Shopping List of Non-Perishables

Write up your shopping list of perishables to include anything you can start buying now.  Matzo, olive oil, soda, tomato sauce, canned goods, etc. 

List #4: Shopping List of Food

Finally, make your food shopping list ensuring that you cross reference the menus you planned.  Note every spice you will need too, remember your kitchen is empty. 

One of our friends sent us her excel sheet shopping list that you can use as your starting point.  Download it here and make it your own.