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In this week’s parsha, Egypt ‘s destruction is complete.  The plague of locusts decimates the land, followed by darkness and the death of the firstborn.  The Children of Israel are granted their freedom and begin their long journey to the Promised Land.  In Egypt, the darkness was so thick and unrelenting the Egyptians were immobilized.  

For our Shabbat dessert this week, we’re going to introduce a dark chocolate cake so decadent and delicious no one is going to want to get out of their seat either – until after dessert!

Leek and Baby Spinach Soup

leek spinach soup

Start this week's menu with a healthy soup loaded with veggies. 

Roasted Chicken Thighs with Fall Fruit Salsa

roasted chicken thighs with fall fruit salsa

Move on to a simple chicken, everyone will love that won't dry out before dinner. 

Rice Pilaf

Rice Pilaf

Add a side of this gussied up rice. 

Pistachio Mint Crusted Brussels Sprouts

brussels sprouts

Get more veggies and then...

Blackout Cake

Chocolate Blackout Cake

Take it to a dark place with this ultra rich chocolate cake. 

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