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A Movie Theme Menu For Your Oscar Party

Watermelon Mocktail

This year there are nine Academy Award Nominees for Best Picture and we are starting to celebrate already!  It is a great time to get some friends together and enjoy gourmet food.  What makes it even more fun is to find dishes that relate to the movies and have your guests try to connect the dots.  Here is a 9 course Oscar Party menu that will win everyone over.

Midnight in Paris features an American writer who travels in time to meet his idols, writers from the 20s like Hemingway.  Since this time period was the beginning of prohibition, I suggest you start the evening with this Watermelon Mocktail, if your guests fuss they can smuggle some of the good stuff in while no one is looking.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close takes place in NYC.   What better way to celebrate NY than a thin crust pizza.  Since we are going to have meat tonight, try this gussied up Spicy Kobe Beef Pizza using soy cheese.

The Descendants takes place in Hawaii following the journey of an American family at a crossroads.  Let’s enjoy some Huli Huli Chicken  a chicken on a stick that will make you think you are in a Hawaii even if just for the moment.

The Artist is French, but takes place in Hollywood in the 30s, just as the talkies (movies with sound) were replacing the silent film.  Make some noise with a colorful veggie platter and dip of your choice.

The Help is set in Mississippi in the 1960s where learning to make fried chicken is part of the cultural heritage.   Tonight we will make the best Fried Chicken together.

The Tree of Life continues the theme of American southern food, tracing the trials and tribulations of a family living in 1950s Texas.  Giddyup with these Black Eyed Peas and Green Beans.

Hugo is set in the city of Paris, telling the adventures of an orphan boy living in the walls of a train station.  Enjoy classic kid-friendly French food, French Fries.

Moneyball is about baseball scouts and team executives trying to make the most of a small market and a low budget to win big.  We score the sweet part of our evening and enjoy some stadium favorites with Honey Peanut Butter and Chocolate Popcorn.

Finally, War Horse is about a beloved horse/hero and the owner who will stop at nothing to find him. The horse eats apples and oats and so can you with this Apple Pecan Crisp served in individual ramekins.

Whether you decide to try this whole nine course menu or get a few friends to join you in a potluck, I hope you will enjoy your night and your favorites will win!

By the way, who do you think will win best picture?