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A Special Israeli Menu for Yom Haatzmaut

trifle shwarma salad

Every year my synagogue has a big program to celebrate Yom Haatzamut.  The night the holiday begins all the men get together and enjoy a free BBQ.  I am sure it is not only for men, but in my circle the wives stay home with the kids and the men gorge themselves on steak.  Don't worry we girls have plenty of nights out.  Anyways, the next day the families all come together after school for bounce houses, face painting and mediocre food.  I know I admit to being a food snob, but I would rather make my own.  Despite the busy day I like to have something special to celebrate Israel, be it Israeli flavors and/or blue and white desserts and/or something grilled to celebrate like they do in Israel.  Here is what I have in store this year.

shawarma carrots roasted

I love the flavors of Shawarma so much that I can eat it on anything, but I really love it on roasted carrots.  Try this recipe and go ahead and grill some boneless, skinless chicken thighs coated with the same seasoning to serve along with it.  I am eating light these days, so I'll stick to the carrots.  You can also make it like the salad above if you prefer, Shwarma Chicken Salad.

lentil salad

Serve the chicken and/or carrots with your favorite lentils, I like Beluga, but you an choose.  Here is a great Lentil Salad recipe you can try.  Don't forget to serve with some Tahini.

Braised and Raw Kale

I also like to add in some lemony kale aside the chicken, carrots and lentils, now we have a complete yummy meal that celebrates Israel and is good for our bodies.

Tahini Olive Oil Cake85

I will probably just enjoy some mint and lemon in my water as special homage to Israel's Limonana, but you could try one of these Limonana inspired treats or go real crazy with this Tahini Cake - just top with blueberries instead of raspberries so you can show some Blue and White spirit.

Happy Israel Day!