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Dinner Tonight: A Week of Menus #4

Stuffed Turkey Breast

The Super Bowl is over, the leftovers are gone, this week we want to lighten up.  We also have Tu B'shevat coming up on Tuesday, the holiday of the trees, how can we celebrate with out too much work.  Here you go a week of menus you can get to.


Let's lighten up with a nice vegetable filled soup, Vegetable Wonton Soup.

Wonton Soup


I like to sample an assortment of dried fruits for Tu B'shevat, dates, figs and something interesting like guava and serve it with almonds and any other nut I have.  It is a fun way to celebrate and I love to serve it with dessert on Shabbat too.   And for dinner many people suggest going vegetarian for the environment, so I suggest this Quinoa Pizza I have been getting rave reviews for.

Quinoa Pizza Dough

Wednesday it is time for this delicious Stuffed Turkey Breast and a side of Roasted or Baked Potatoes.

Stuffed Turkey Breast

Thursday is always a toughie with the thoughts of Shabbat cooking coming all too soon.  I think it is time for some salmon, used up some leftover salsa and serve with asparagus and brown rice for a complete meal. Roast Salmon with Salsa.

Roast Salmon with Salsa