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Kentucky Derby Menu

derby party

The Kentucky Derby is the most famous horse race celebrated every year on the first Saturday of May.  This year it will be on May 5th and even though we might not be able to watch the race live, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the fastest two minutes in sports.

When I was living in Washington D.C., there were two sisters from Kentucky. Every year, they invited the whole community over for an afternoon Kentucky Derby celebration.  They brought everyone together Shabbat afternoon for a party, with big fancy hats, Derby Pie and of course, a Mint Julep.  You don’t have to be from Kentucky to have a Derby party.  This week tell your lunch guests to wear their funkiest Shabbat hats and "head" over for a Derby lunch and a shot of bourbon.

Mint Julep

Mint Julep

Start the meal off right with the happily obligatory, Mint Julep.  There is nothing like a strong blend of Kentucky bourbon, sugar water and mint to get a party off to the races.  (leave out the bourbon and mix with lime juice or seltzer for a non alcoholic version my niece likes to call Mint Tulip)  and serve with some Sweet and Spicy Pecans.

cucumber tea sandwich

Cucumber and Watercress Tea Sandwich

Then serve a selection of tea sandwiches:

Cucumber and Watercress or Red Pepper and Pesto.

Bourbon Sage London Broil

Bourbon Sage London Broil

For your main course, try:

Bourbon Sage London Broil with Potato Salad and Black Eyed Peas with Green Beans.

not derby pie

Not Derby Pie from Rivka

And down the stretch we come to dessert, Not Derby Pie.

Derby pie is a chocolate and walnut tart in a pie shell.  It can also be made with pecans, chocolate chips and Kentucky bourbon.  Since Derby Pie is trademarked, the similar pie recipe goes by many names.  This recipe is made parve by blogger friend, Rivka, from, I figured she was a good source for the recipe.

What's on your Kentucky Derby Day Menu?