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How to make a Candy Mosaic Chanukah Tray

Hanukkah Candy Mosaic Tray

Candy doesn't have to be just for eating, in fact, you can make the most adorable crafts using Mike & Ikes!

Here are my easy step by step instructions for creating a candy mosaic Hanukkah tray. Use it for menorah lighting, displaying your dreidel collection, or serving candies at your Chanukah party!

  • ServingsServings


  • Picture frame with a raised mat*
  • 1 sheet of cardstock
  • double-sided tape
  • Mike & Ike candies
  • 4 medium-sized dreidels
  • 4 screws/marbles for feet (optional)
  • hot glue gun


First, create handles by gluing two dreidels to each side of the picture frame so that the tops are touching each other. Set aside to dry.

If you would like to make a footed tray, glue marbles or screws (I used the pieces from an old ratchet set) to each corner on the underside of the frame.

Cut the cardstock so that it measures the same size as the mat opening. Cover it in double sided tape and place it under the mat.

Using different color Mike & Ikes, create a mosaic by placing the candies on the tape and filling in all the  spaces. You can cut the candy into smaller pieces to fit into the corners and small spaces. If you are making a shape, first create the shape and then fill the area around it with a contrasting color.

Place the glass over the mosaic and close up the frame.

*In order for the candy mosaic to fit between the glass and the back of the frame, you need a frame with enough space to accommodate the candy. Look for a frame with a raised mat, or use a shadow box.

Wrap your mat in Chanukah wrapping paper for a festive flair or decorate it with Chanukah stamps.
Sand down the picture frame and paint it any color you choose or decorate it with sequins or crystals.

This post was sponsored by Mike and Ike, all opinions are my own.