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Squish Squash Apple Cider

Hot Pumpkin cider

It may be somewhat un-American, but pumpkin has never been my favorite flavor. I always have extra around the house post-Thanksgiving, though, and this warm and fuzzy cocktail gives me a terrific opportunity to use up the stock I have.    

  • Duration
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  • 1 cup unfiltered apple juice
  • 1 teaspoon canned pumpkin purée
  • ½ teaspoon blue agave sweetener
  • 1 ounce brandy
  • Cinnamon sticks


1. Place apple juice and pumpkin into a coffee cup. Squish the pumpkin gently into the juice and then microwave on high for 30 seconds. 

2. Stir again, until all pumpkin has dissolved into the juice. Add agave and brandy. Stir with a cinnamon stick and serve