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Thai Fried Banana Dessert

fried banana

I discovered this recipe after eating a delicious banana dessert at a very fancy wedding. It sent me searching for other recipes and I came up with this one. It only contains 2 ingredients - the rest are toppings. Very easy and makes an elegant presentation when drizzled with chocolate syrup and plated with ice cream or whipped cream.

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  • 4-8 ServingsServings


  • 4 medium bananas
  • 4 large frozen wonton or spring roll wrappers if halving bananas you'll need 8 small ones
  • cinnamon


For large wrappers, use one banana and serve as one portion. For small wrappers, cut the banana in half and serve 2 fried rolls.
Defrost spring roll wrapper enough so that you can separate each wrapper from the rest. Wrap it around the banana piece by bringing the sides together first and then rolling the bottom edge up into a cigar shape, using water to seal the edge. Then fry the wonton/spring roll on each side until golden brown (medium flame). That's it basically. Here are your options:

1) Cinnamon-sprinkle cinnamon on banana before rolling and dust a little on top. You can dust some confectioners sugar on for additional sweetness.

2) Drizzle chocolate syrup over 2 of the rolls (nice presentation) and serve with a side of whipped cream or pareve ice cream.

3) Dust only with confectioners sugar. Enjoy!

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