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Kosher Restaurant GPS

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Kosher Travelers! Are you looking to eliminate the stress of finding a kosher restaurant, a local minyan or mikvah when you're on the go? Introducing the KRGPS App! First ever strictly kosher not from a public database with free discount coupons.

The KRGPS App is your one-stop solution for all your kosher needs. Updated DAILY, this iPhone application spotlights everything kosher in your area, taking the guesswork out of kosher travel. So whether you're looking to "Eat, Daven or Dip", the KRGPS App is your go-to source for 1000's of restaurants, minyanim and mikvahs across North America.

The KRGPS App also highlights deals and discounts offered by local restaurants. Take advantage of the discounts once and this App will pay for itself! Just show the manager or owner their discount listed in your APP and they will give you the discount. More and more restaurants are joining all the time. This will save you money and make this a free APP.

Search by name, address or zip code. Once you locate what you're looking for, just click the phone icon, verify the hashgacha and use the iphone GPS to get you to your destination. To find places nearby just press tab "near me" to search push tab "search and then choose either "name or "location". Location can be address, state or zip code.

We will be adding features in the future and as our network increases so will the number of restaurants that give discounts.

The "Kosher" App is the ONLY App to offer:

Information on 1000's of reliable restaurants, minyanim and mikvahs
Live feeds and DAILY updates so any changes are seen instantly
Verified listings that feature only the most reputable Kosher certifications or reputable
private certifications (but still call to verify because things can change very quickly)
FREE access to special deals and free discounts with restaurants in the area you're visiting

Kosher travel has never been so easy!