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4 Slushy Cocktails For Adults

Whether shaved, shaken, slushied, or slurped there is no better summer refresher than an ice-cold, blended cocktail.

To help you hit the ground running with your summer parties we have four recipes for your summer “to-drink” list! 

Try one of these any evening and turn your night into an instant “chill” experience.

Grown Up Snow Cone

The "Close Shave" - A Grown Up Snow Cone

Remember when a summer snow cone was literally the coolest thing going? Recreate your childhood memories with this more “mature” version! 

The Bananza Frozen Cocktail

The Bananza Frozen Cocktail

The sour puss frozen cocktail

The Sour Puss Frozen Cocktail

This next drink is the ideal reward for every guy willing to do the grilling on those hot, humid, summer afternoons. Keep the flavored ice cube trays full and you can whip one of these up in seconds!

Chocolate Madness cocktail

Chocolate Madness Cocktail

The ideal antidote to a hot summer afternoon, especially one spent swinging in the hammock.

Here's to a chill Summer! L'chaim. 

4 Slushy Frozen Cocktail Drinks