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Where can you get the best falafel in Jerusalem?

We asked our loyal readers to help us find the best versions of everything Israel has to offer. We asked the people of Israel. We asked our friends. We asked tour guides. We asked foodies... And now the results are in! 

Scroll down for recipes you can try at home...

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The Best Falafel in Jerusalem


Reader's Choice Winner: 

Uzi's (Downtown/Meah Shearim)

An overwhelming majority of our readers chose Uzi's Falafel as their top pick for delicious authentic Jerusalemite falafel. Their successful traditional homemade falafel recipe hasn't changed for decades. We recommend ordering a falafel with caramelized onions and all the fixings on a fresh laffah. Nestled behind Meah Shearim where Yirmiyahu Street meets Downtown Jerusalem, it's worth the slight detour to find this local treasure.

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Tie for Second Place: 

falafel .jpg

Ta'ami (Downtown)

"A plate of their hummus topped with falafel is like heaven." -Miriam Lottner-, Foodie and Reveal Cards founder 

Falafel Arbaa Teamim (Giv'at Bet Hakerem)

"They make 4 differently spiced falafel!" -Shmuel Browns, Tour Guide

"Best creativity and unique falafel." - Mordecai Holtz, New Media Director for ITravelJerusalem (follow them on Twitter @ilovejerusalem, Facebook, and Instagram @itraveljerusalem)

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If you can't come to Jerusalem, don't worry, we've got you covered! Here are our best falafel recipes....Enjoy!    

And don't forget to stuff your falafel with some authentic Israeli salads!

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