Pre Yom Kippur Menu

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This week Yom Kippur falls on Shabbat, so there is no need for a Shabbat menu, but I will supply you with a pre fast meal that will prepare you for this Day of Atonement.

If you missed it around Tisha B'av or need a reminder, take a look at my fasting tips.  At this meal we do want to eat well, but not overstuff ourselves and of course go light on the salt.

Non Dairy Creamy Mushroom Soup


I love soup for both pre and post fast meals, it's loaded with liquid so helps you stay hydrated. 

Roast Chicken with Chestnuts and Orange Yam Mash

roast chicken with chestnuts

A chicken you won't forget, delicious in every way. 

Chickpeas and Chard

chickpeas and chard

Since you won't be kissing anyone after this meal, it is great time to enjoy lots of garlic. 

Russian Tea Cakes with Cacao Nibs

Bubbie's Russian Tea Cookies with Cacoa Nibs

Perfectly sweet cookies with slightly bitter nibs will leave the best taste in your mouth before the fast. 

What do you like to serve before a fast?