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My kids went through a phase of begging (pleading!!!) for those instant ramen cup of soups. It started in New York cause EVERYONE was bringing them for lunch. If you’re a parent, I’m sure you’ve heard that “EVERYONE” comment more than a few (hundred, million) times.

But I have some principles. Not many, but some - when it comes to my kids food. Margarine and ramen are the two that top the “against my religion” food list. And so I was steadfast (so proud of myself) and didn’t give in.

Then we move to Israel for many reasons (including the need to escape this instant ramen craziness), and wouldn’t you know that across the world ALL the kids, and when I say ALL I do mean EVERYONE was bringing ramen plus a thermos of hot water for lunch.

Don’t think me heartless, I feel for my kids, I really do, from the depths of my soul. And so totally understand the benefit of a hot, comforting meal in the middle of a looong school day - I came up with another way to send my sweethearts a hug in a mug… Better Than Ramen.

Better than Ramen

My BETTER THAN RAMEN travels well, requires little prep and is perfectly suitable for lunch on the go for ALL ages. Loving one lunch that can satisfy EVERYONE in the fam.

Super Quick and Delicious Soba

If you just can’t get enough and are looking for amped up dinnertime noodles look no further than my SOBA NOODLE SOUP DINNER. I love ginger for it’s pungent, aromatic, sharp and woody flavor. Perfect for cookies, cakes and soups - it’s a simple way to spice (and add a nice sharp bite) to all noodle soups.