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It has been my distinct honor and pleasure to partner with Jewish National Fund not only because they support the country I love, but because they are actively investing in the people, land and future of Israel. From North to South, East to West and everywhere in between, touching every population and every industry.

As a Jewish National Fund Ambassador I have toured the country on a quest for education, adventure and inspiration. I have met innovators, artisans, entrepreneurs and heroes. 

Here are some of their stories...

The Negev Desert Is Blooming, Feeding and Healing the World

In the Arava, From the Red Sea to the Dead Sea

Jewish Disabilities and Awareness Month

Special in Uniform, IDF Special Needs Soldiers

Israel is #1 in Water Security Worldwide!

 Reimagining the South, Beersheva River Park and Lake

Art With Heart ♥️ Bomb Shelter Painting Project

Planting Trees

Cooking in the Western Galilee

Writing a Torah Scroll From the Top of Masada

When you partner with Jewish National Fund you invest in the land and people of Israel