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No Food In The Car

no food in the car

It’s a rule.  A real rule.  One we never break.  Mostly cause it’s a dad rule.

There’s always one (disciplinarian) in the family.  In this family it’s Hubby.  After selling our dirty-like-a-dumpster minivan Hubby instituted the no eating in the car rule when we got our new wheels.

The first time my then 1 year old cried all the way home from nursery as I held her snack hostage in the front seat was absolute torture.  That 2 minute and 20 second ride felt like an eternity and I was silently mad at Hubby and his over the top rule.  In fact I tried to give her the snack (cause she was a baby!) but all the other kids were screaming “NO!  Abba doesn’t let eating in the car!”  I couldn’t very well openly defy him and his rule.  Could I?

I would be even harder pressed to obey the rule (which really is like family law) if not for how nice and clean and beautiful smelling our year-old-but-feels-like-new minivan is.  And the immediate gratification every time I enter the car (which is like 10 times a day, at least) makes me think some rules are not made to be broken.  And the toddler tears only lasted a few trips.  Now she actually hands me the snack with a smile as she settles into her car seat, knowing she will get it back in exactly 2 minutes and 20 seconds.  When she gets home she pulls out her toddler booster high chair thingy climbs into it and waits for someone to attach her tray so she can eat.  (Cause that’s also a rule, we don’t eat walking around the house).  It’s all so civilized really.

This (sometimes) civilized no (food) mess life of ours reminds me that rules are good.  But I already told you I am not the natural born disciplinarian.  So when Hubby traveled to NY for 4 days he hung a huge sign that said “REMEMBER: There is NO!!!!! eating in the car.”  Now of course I remembered, how could I forget?  But you see in marriage (as with all relationships) one has to read between the lines.  Translation: “JAMIE GELLER, MOMMY, YEAH YOU! need to enforce this rule even in my absence”.

So on the mornings we were running late and the kids took breakfast in a bag (more on that in a minute) I dutifully said “Remember Abba doesn’t let eating in the car.” (Yes I know that’s grammatically incorrect but sometimes you just gots to speak to the kids in their language).  And guess what, that wasn’t good enough for Hubby!  He wanted to know why I had to blame him for the rule, make him the bad guy.  “It’s not fair” he said.  I said I invoked his name for the sake of adherence to the rule, so the kiddies would actually listen to me.  But if forced to dig down deep I actually most probably used his name in vain because if it were up to moi there would be no such rule.  WE would ALL be eating in an embarrassingly dirty car.

In our marriage, I love to jokingly take credit for Hubby's successful ideas. Especially the ones I fought so hard against. When I finally come around to seeing the genius in his ideas, I say things like “see I told you so” (Hubby just loves when I say "I told you so") or “thank G-d I (me, me, me, it's all about me!) had the idea". The first time I did it he was stunned, totally taken aback, "WHAT?!!!! YOU?????" he exclaimed. Now it's so commonplace he usually just rolls his eyes, or giggles. Finally just the other day he gave into my obsession with being the hatcher of all good ideas in this household and said “when you’re right, you’re right!” And boy was I right on this one!

Sweet Peanut Butter Cereal Bars

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So tell me, do you all eat in the car?