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If you have ever tried to lose weight you likely have had some successes and some failures.  Overall, I really prefer to focus on educating people to eat an all around healthy diet.  To focus on what you eat, be mindful, and to include favorite treats in moderation.  

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And I practice what I preach.  I focus on eating as much as whole grains and fruits and vegetables and minimize added sugars and I try not to focus on the scale.  That being said, I do pay attention to how my clothes fit and there are always holidays or parties waiting to sabotage even the most self controlled person, so it's most important to eat mindfully. 

My biggest downfall is picking.  

I confess, I am a picker.  I pick the food off my kids plates when they say they are done.  My son hates his crusts, I love them.  I pick a spoonful of rice or two to make sure it is ready, not sure why a few grains can’t do.  I pick a few forks full of pasta just to be sure it is al dente.   I rack up the calories before even sitting down to dinner.  Sometimes I am full by the time I sit down and I still eat more.  I know I can't fully stop this bad habit, so here is how I control it. 

It’s time to pick without packing it on.

Whenever my daughter helps in the kitchen she loves to pick, too.  So I strated to have cut up fruits and veggies for her.   She loves cucumbers.  She eats and I can cook.  I realized that could work for me, too.  I started to cut up all sorts of veggies, carrots, celery, and my current favorite, peppers.  I keep them sitting on the counter so if I have the urge to munch it is a no brainer.  Just be careful.  The other day, I had a pile of peppers for fajitas and my little girl kept coming over and grabbing a few.  All of a sudden her face turned red and she made a funny face, coughed and asked for water, that is when I realized she ate a jalapenñ, now she won’t try green peppers.

Anyways, my suggestion is to prepare healthy snacks to have easily accessible, and remember if you are trying to lose weight you have to focus not just on healthy snacks, but low calorie ones.  One red pepper is only 35 calories.  

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Snacking can be healthy when done properly, learn how to snack all day without ruining your diet