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In parsha Vaetchanan, Moshe reminds the people to recount the miracles and the teachings to their children and their children’s children. Every family shares their personal history with stories, pictures, and jokes. We also share our history with food. The moments I spend in the kitchen with my kids is my way of teaching them what I know and love and what I learned standing in the kitchen with my parents and what they learned at the feet of my grandparents. This week’s Shabbat menu includes recipes that are perfect for preparing with children at your side. 


watermelon and spinach salad.jpg

Give your kids some large slices of watermelon and let them cut into smaller pieces, it cuts easily even with a plastic knife.  Have them tear the mint leaves and don't mind their snacking along the way. 


Duck Sauce Chicken joyofkosher

One of the simplest chicken recipes that gets rave reviews, all you need to do is buy the ingredients and put everything in the oven, your kid can do the rest. 


Quinoa Salad

I love making a big batch of quinoa and turning it into different meals every day, but if your family doesn't like quinoa try wheatberries or lentils or even rice and mix in your favorite veggies, let the kids make it their own.


almond linzer cookies

Let your kids play with their food.  Time it before showers and don't fret when they get flour everywhere, just have a good time, you were going to have to clean the kitchen anyways and kids love to make cookies.  

Let them cut out the circles and spread their favorite jams or even chocolate between the two halves.  

Wishing you lots of memories and fun with your family. 

Shabbat Shalom.

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