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Baked Horseradish Gefilte Fish

horseradish crusted gefilte fish

This month we are highlighting horseradish for our Kosher Connection Link Up to get us all in the mood to start preparing for Passover. I’ve made many recipes with horseradish over the last year so be sure to read my article about the healthy horseradish.  I became a huge fan of how horseradish adds a nice kick to so many dishes and the health benefits is a bonus.

When I think about horseradish for Passover I immediately thought about gefilte fish. To be honest, I don't even usually put horseradish on top my gefilte fish, but the idea of putting it inside seemed too good to not try.

I generally prefer to bake the frozen gefilte fish loafs instead of boiling. It’s less messy and doesn’t stink up the kitchen. One of my favorite recipes for gefilte fish is my baked Spinach Gefilte Fish. For this recipe, I took a similar approach, defrosted the loaf, mixed with horseradish and chopped carrots for some zing I coated it in horseradish and parsley and baked it to a gorgeous golden brown! Enjoy!

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