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DIY Rosh Hashanah Hostess Gift

rosh hashanah diy hostess gift

Make your own hostess gift or centerpiece. Filled with candy this vase doubles as a gorgeous table decoration and a candy dish filled with edible goodies for the kids.

Hopefully we will all get a little break during the busy holiday season and be invited out for at least one of the meals and that is when this amazing do it yourself hostess gift will come in handy.

This gift idea is so amazing for several reasons.  

First, it is really affordable to make and looks absolutely stunning.  

Second, it is incredibly easy.  

Third, the gift includes flowers for the grown ups and candies for the kids (and grown ups too of course).  There is really something for everyone.

The idea behind this ingenious gift comes to us from Chavi Chase of Pret-a-Partee,  find her here on Facebook and on Instagram.   Here are the instructions:


You will need two glass vases, one that can fit inside the other.

Chavi was able to get a large vase similar to the one pictured here at Michael's and then found a smaller bud vase at a dollar store!!!  If you are bargain shopper you can make this gift super cheap. For ease you can order this larger vase and this smaller vase both from

1. Place a glue dot on the bottom of the bud vase.  Chavi used a tape dispenser that has sticky glue on it, called adhesive sticky glue dots and is available at Wal-Mart, Office Depot or any stationary store or online here.

2. Insert the bud vase into the wider vase.

mike and ike filled flower vase

3. Choose your Mike and Ike candies by color if desired, this is where to get the kids involved.  For the design pictured above Chavi chose the Cherry color because it made her think of pomegranates and the apple green color for apples on Rosh Hashanah.

4. Layer your chosen Mike and Ike candies alternating colors as desired, just eyeball, it does not have to be prefect.

5.  Fill the bud vase with water and fresh cut flowers.  Chavi chose these green hydrangeas and red roses to match the colors (Chavi got these beauties at the floral department of Shoprite).

6.  Deliver to your hostess before the holiday so everyone can enjoy the flowers and the candy throughout the holiday.

Instructions and design provided by Chavi Chase of Pret-a-Partee

Photos by Esti Photography

This post is part of an ongoing partnership with Mike and Ike.