Mishloach Manot Ideas

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poppy and sesame seed snaps

Truth be told, generally, when I think of Mishloach Manot, I always think hamantashen. I mean, they’re the best known Purim treat, once you get set up, it’s easy to produce a lot and they’re great for packing up and transporting. But there’s no law that says that hamantashen must be included.

You do need to include at least two different items, so if you feel you must include hamantashen, that’s OK, but here are a few suggestions for other treats. Include one of these with your hamantashen or skip the hamantashen this year and just send these!

sabra choc truffles

Chocolate truffles are quick and easy to make – this version uses bittersweet chocolate and Sabra (or other) liqueur, so they’re really geared for adults. In keeping with the traditions of eating seeds and nuts, specifically poppy seeds, try making Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies or Poppy Seed Snaps. Not only are they full of poppy seeds but you can also shape them as triangles so they still evoke the image of Haman’s hat/ears. Finally,Caramel Corn is fun for everybody! It’s also easy to make and if you want to make it a project, have the kids decorate paper bags for packaging it.