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National Baked Alaska Day

baked alaska

Baked Alaska is an elegant dessert that comprises sponge cake, ice cream and meringue. A baking dish is lined with the cake, filled with ice cream, and the meringue covers them both. It is baked just long enough for the meringue to firm up but not long enough to melt the ice cream.

Five fun facts:

  1. The name Baked Alaska originated at Delmonico's Restaurant in New York City in 1876, and was created in honor of the newly acquired territory of Alaska.
  2. This dessert is also called omelette á la norvégienne, Norwegian omelette, omelette surprise, and glace au four (ice cream in oven).
  3. Early versions of this dessert used pie crusts instead of meringue.
  4. in the 18th - 19th century similar desserts were called Bombes.
  5. Instead of baking it in the oven, a blowtorch can be used on the meringue.

Five related recipes:

  1. Chocolate Raspberry Baked Alaska- this delicious meringue dessert will satisfy the chocolate lover in you.
  2. Meringues- Perfect meringues depend on totally yolk-free whites. The seemingly fussy step of separating each egg into a small bowl before combining them guarantees yolk-free whites for bakeshop-quality meringues every time. These crispy little morsels travel well and make great gifts too.
  3. Chocolate Meringue Stars with Raspberry Sauce- Next to Macaroons, I think meringues are probably the most inherently Pesach-friendly dessert you will find. I love when we can take a year-round favorite, and not worry about making special adjustments. Fold in some cocoa powder and serve with a dipping sauce (made from jam and lemon juice) and upgrade these to a fab closer of your holiday meal.
  4. Indian River Grapefruit Meringue Cake- A stunning presentation as well as a light and delicious dessert with fabulous grapefruit flavor in each of its three layers.
  5. Frozen Raspberry Pie - This creamy, luscious pie is made by combining a fluffy cooked meringue with a raspberry puree, then pouring the mixture into a chocolate-cookie crust.

Nutritional Information per serving of Baked Alaksa:

Calories:   254
Fat: 10  g
Carbohydrates:  37 g
Cholesterol: 59  mg
Sodium: 139  mg
Protein: 5  g
Sugars: 29 g