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National Chocolate Parfait Day


What does the word parfait conjure in your memory? Do you remember those Carvel parfaits, maybe they still have them, layers of ice cream with chocolate sauce in between and whipped cream and a cherry on top.  Oh, to be a kid again, enjoying one of those delicious treats without caring about how many calories was in it.  Today, May 1st is National Chocolate Parfait Day.

The word parfait originated in France and describes a frozen dessert made of sugar syrup, egg, and cream.  Basically it really just refers to layering and some people even make savory parfaits of mashed potatoes layered with gravy for example.  When it comes to ice cream it can be any combination of ice cream and syrups and fruits.  Parfaits are usually served in a tall narrow container with a long spoon to enjoy the lingering chocolate sauce that sits at the bottom. This is how it differs from a sundae in that the syrup topping can be enjoyed all the way though the ice cream and not just at the top, someone was wearing his thinking cap when he came up with this one.


Today we focus on the chocolate parfait, what flavor ice cream will you choose to make the Ultimate Chocolate Parfait?  Or you don't have to stick to ice cream.   Jamie makes a Banana Chocolate Parfait using pudding or use yogurt with cereal and chocolate sauce to make a parfait you might even consider eating for breakfast, like this image below from Flickr by Phossil.

chocolate yogurt parfait