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National Prime Rib Day


Friday April 27th, today, is national Prime Rib Day.  It is so wonderful when it falls on a Friday, so we can really celebrate by enjoying a fancy steak often reserved for our Shabbat dinner.  Often served at Jewish weddings and other fancy celebrations Prime Rib is a celebratory meat also called a Standing Rib Roast.  It is called "standing" because to cook it, you roast it on its rib bones in a roasting pan, no need for a rack.

Sharon Lurie, The Kosher Butcher's Wife, shares some valuable information about Prime Rib.

primerib bone

This is the Rib Section of the cow.  It is in this section of the ribs that the tender Scoth fillet or rib-eye musle is housed.  While still attached to the rib bones it is called a standing rib roast and makes a wonderful impression as it stands arched firmly on its flat boned base.  This roast can also be French-trimmed, where all the meat and fat are removed along the length of the bone tips for that extra-clean look.


Grilled Prime Rib with California Jumbo Asparagus

Standing Rib Roast