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Nutella-Swirled Pumpkin Bread

nutella swirled pumpkin bread

November is my birthday month (I was a Thanksgiving baby), so I love to treat myself to special fall desserts especially during November.    As a working mom, running both my business and my household, I generally don’t have time to devote to complicated treats.  This is where quick breads step in…

Really cakes at heart, quick breads are aptly named for their quick preparation and ease of baking.  The batter comes together quickly and generally bakes in a loaf pan;  sometimes the finished cakes are glazed, sometimes not.  They are homey and comforting, great with coffee for breakfast , with tea as an afternoon snack or anytime with a glass of cold milk.  And as with cake, quick breads can be made in any flavor imaginable.

For me, any dessert worth its weight and calories must contain chocolate, either as the star or as the runner-up.  At this time of year, however, the pumpkin reigns (I have to admit that it is one of the only flavors that on its own can pull me away from chocolate - and that is saying a lot!).  But even better are pumpkin and chocolate together – earthy, spicy and rich, complementing each other beautifully.  In this quick bread, pumpkin and chocolate pair so deliciously with the ease of everyone’s favorite chocolate spread, Nutella, and the added nuttiness and crunch from toasted hazelnuts.

Even if your birthday’s not in November, you should still treat yourself to this delicious fall dessert!

Nutella Swirled Pumpkin Bread