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A latke with a surprise in the middle is a great way to update the classic Hanukkah dish. Be creative and stuff latkes with anything you have on hand. Maybe even use it as a way to get your kids to eat their veggies by adding peas, broccoli, tomatoes, zucchini, or spinach.

Start with my favorite Basic Latke Recipe.

Then choose your filling:

Salmon + Green Goddess Dressing

The crispy potato latke, with the smooth fresh taste of salmon makes for a great combination. We love either Green goddess dressing, a mixture of herbs and sour cream, or with creme fraiche to add color and flavor to this impressive latke.

Pulled Brisket + BBQ Sauce
This combination tastes similar to a pulled beef sandwich; the ultimate latke for any meat and potato lover.

Mushroom + Sour Cream
The earthiness of the potatoes and mushrooms make for a rustic and classic flavor combination. The sour cream adds richness to the latke.

Salmon Latkes with Green Goddess Dressing (Recipe courtesy of Shifra Klein and Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller Magazine) (1).jpg

Cheese + Marinara Sauce

Our version of mozzarella sticks...latke style. A gooey, cheesy center with a hint of basil surrounded by crispy potatoes is a spectacular Chanukah treat.

Apples + Sour Cream with a Cinnamon Topping
Inspired by the classic latke with apple sauce on the side, this latke takes on the flavors of an apple fritter.

There are so many ways to stuff a latke, let us know your favorites.