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What is the custom to eat stuffed foods on Sukkot all about?

Maui Onions Stuffed with Curried Raisin Couscous

It may be related to how on Sukkot we are at the end of the summer, and bringing in the bounty from the fields, we are "stuffed" or "wrapped" in Gods blessings. It is at this time when we could become conceited with our possessions, and newly acquired success, when we leave the comforts of our homes and live in a flimsy roofed sukkah, and thereby put our faith in God.

Also there is an idea that real blessing only comes from things that are hidden from the eye. We therefore cover our blessings from everyone out there, and show our appreciation from God.

Some Stuffed Recipes:

Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes

Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Breast

Roasted Veal Rib Stuffed with Cranberry

Stuffed Cabbage

Onions Stuffed with Curried Couscous

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