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Post Pesach Chametz Fest

Blueberry tart

We got through Passover and now if you are anything like me the fifth question you are posing is; how do I consume as much flour, yeast, wheat and grains in one normal meal?  Can I have a pizza topped with pasta or a slice of cake adorned with a big chocolate chip cookie?  The answer is yes, but I think we can devise a more palatable way to refuel and bounce back from the matzo coma we are all experiencing.

How does, crispy fried chicken with a golden crust and juicy tender meat sound?

crispy kosher fried chicken

Why not pair that with a fabulous (pareve) risotto featuring porcini mushrooms melding into the creamy Arborio rice.


And later on enjoy a juicy blueberry tart, with a home baked buttery crust and plump tart blueberries oozing with purple goodness.  The recipes represent some of my favorites from my first two cookbooks; Recipes Remembered: A Celebration of Survival (May 1,2011) and The Kosher Carnivore (St. Martin’s Press, fall 2011).  They are relatively easy to prepare and are sure to bring you back to carbohydrate nirvana.