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Fermented Kosher Sour Pickles

23- Fermented Kosher Sour Pickles

Olive-green and deliciously tangy, classic kosher sour pickles are made through a fermentation process. In order to get natural bacteria to form and effectively preserve cucumbers, begin by thoroughly cleaning your veggies.
The cucumbers will be ready in about a week or more depending on how much salt was added and how sour you like your pickles. The more salt, the longer the fermentation process will take. Half sour pickles, made with about 1/2 cup salt per gallon of water, are ready in about a week. Full sour pickles, made with about 3/4 cup of salt per gallon of water, are ready in about 10 days, or more.

  • 1 jar ServingsServings


  • 4 pound small cucumbers
  • 6 fronds of fresh dill
  • 2 small fresh or dry hot peppers (optional
  • 10 garlic cloves, thinly sliced
  • 1 tablespoon whole allspice berries
  • 1 teaspoon whole black peppercorns
  • 2 tablespoon whole coriander seeds
  • ½ cup pickling salt
  • 3 quart water


  1. Place the cucumbers in a gallon jar. Add the dill, hot peppers, garlic, allspice, peppercorns, and coriander.
  2. Dissolve the salt in water, and pour enough of the brine over the cucumbers so they are completely submerged in the liquid.
  3. Push a gallon size freezer bag into the jar. Pour the remaining brine into the bag, and seal the bag. By having a heavy bag of brine weigh down the cucumbers, they maintain a crunch during the fermentation process. Store the jar in a cool, dark place at room temperature.
  4. In about three days, tiny bubbles should appear in the brine. Skim any scum that may have accumulated in the jar, including rinsing of the bag of brine.
  5. When pickles are ready, they will be an olive-green color and have a prominent sour taste. Remove the brine bag and any scum. Store in the refrigerator where the pickles should keep for several months.
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