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Honey-Glazed Skewered Beef

honey glazed skewered beedf_JG cookbook

Glazed and spiced and skewered onto sticks, these kabobs are delicious any time. 

If you use wooden skewers, they must be soaked in a shallow pan filled with enough water to cover them for an hour before you use them so they don’t catch fire on the grill or under the broiler. After brushing the meat with the glaze, boil remaining glaze for 5 minutes to kill any bacteria from the raw meat. Before serving, brush the cooked glaze on the meat or serve on the side for dipping.

While beef is marinating, begin preparing Rice Pilaf with Fresh Tomatoes, Olives, and Parsley

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  • 4Servings


  • ½ cup honey
  • ¼ cup steak sauce
  • 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
  • 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed orange juice
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon
  • 2 pounds cubed Grow & Behold beef minute steak (10 to 12 pieces per pound, each about 1- x 1-inch)


1. Heat grill to medium.

2. In a small bowl, mix together honey, steak sauce, mustard, orange juice, and cinnamon to make glaze.

3. Thread 5 to 6 cubes of beef on each skewer. Brush meat cubes with glaze.

4. Grill for 8 to 10 minutes for medium doneness (or grill to your desired doneness). Instead of grilling the beef cubes, you can broil them in your oven for about 6 to 8 minutes. Keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t burn.

5. Place on serving platter and serve with Rice Pilaf with Fresh Tomatoes, Olives, and Parsley.

Recipe Courtesy of QUICK & KOSHER Meals in Minutes, by Jamie Geller (Feldheim 2010) - BUY NOW.