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How To Make Instant Fruit Sorbets

Here is how to easily whip up a batch of all-natural fruit sorbet.  You can use frozen fruit from the supermarket or make your own.

How To Make Your Own Frozen Fruit

Peel and cut up fruit such as pears, nectarines, peaches, cantaloupe, mangos, bananas, and strawberries. Place them in a single layer on a cookie tray lined with plastic wrap and freeze. Once frozen, transfer to a Ziploc bag and keep frozen until ready to use.

strawberry sorbet

How To Make Instant Fruit Sorbet

1. Chop a few cups of frozen fruit into small pieces, any kind will do, but if you can, add half a frozen banana to the mixture, it will add a creamy texture to the finished product.  

2. Place the chopped frozen fruit in a blender, or a food processor fitted with the metal blade. Add a tablespoon or two of water or juice (less is best), a little bit of sweetener such as sugar, honey, agave nectar, or simple syrup. Pulse for a minute or two, until the fruit breaks down, adding a little more liquid if necessary to keep the machine running. 

3. Keep pulsing or mixing the fruit on a low setting until it has transformed into a silky smooth frozen consistency you can serve with an ice cream scooper.

To make instant frozen yogurt, use the same method, substituting a few tablespoons of yogurt for the liquid.

Tips for Success
Don’t add too much liquid. You want just enough to get the mixture moving, adding a teaspoon or two at intervals in the beginning of the process.

Overworking the frozen ingredients will create heat, resulting in a smoothie instead of ice cream. To ensure a thick consistency, err on the side of lumps. If the majority of the sorbet or ice cream is finished, it’s better to pick out a few lumps, than to overprocess the rest.

Get more recipes for homemade sorbet and more ideas for how to use sorbet to dress up dessert. 

What is your favorite flavor sorbet? Let us know if you try this method for an instant treat.