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Do you find it hard to know which kosher steak to buy? Have you noticed that many butchers have their own names for the same cuts? With grilling season coming up, we’ve called in our Meat Expert Naftali Hanau at Grow & Behold to help! 


Instead of a typical list that might start from anatomy (chuck, shoulder, etc.), we’re starting from YOU. What are you looking for? What kind of cooking do you want to do, and what kind of meal are you planning. Based upon your personal preferences, we list out our best suggestions, and all the other names sometimes used for these cuts, so you can choose the steak to match your mood and budget, and get on to the fun part of cooking and eating it. 

Cuts are arranged from least to most expensive, to help you budget accordingly. Scroll down for steak recipes, videos and a guide on the best way to actually eat a steak. 

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1. Do you want to serve individual steaks?

a) Yes.

b) NO – see #2


Parsley Rubbed Steak

2. Do you want a larger steak you can cook whole, then serve sliced (on it’s own, or on top of a salad perhaps)?

a) YES, I want something I can serve to a crowd or cook ahead:

  • Shoulder Steak (Shoulder London Broil)
  • Vegas Strip Steak 
  • Skirt Steak  
  • London Broil (Mush London Broil)  
  • Minute London Broil (Flatiron Steak, Oyster Blade Steak, Butterfly London Broil, Butler's Steak) 
  • Crescent Steak (Ribeye Cap Steak, Rib Cap, Calotte (French), Butcher's Butter) 
  • Oyster Steak (Shoulder Tender, Bistro Filet, Petite Tender, Teres Major Steak)    

b) NO: see #1  

c) Kind of. I want one steak that can be shared by two people for a romantic dinner.

Now you’re talking! These beauties are too big for one (generally speaking) and are high-end beauties, perfect for a special occasion.

Balsamic London Broil with Roasted Onions

Balsamic London Broil with Roasted Onions

3. What do you want to put on it?

a) A marinade:

b) A dry rub:

c) As little as possible. I want a really flavorful steak that needs only a little salt & pepper to truly dazzle.

4. How do you want to cook it?

a) In a pan

b) Under the broiler

c) On a grill

Pretty much any steak can be cooked on a grill. If it’s thicker than 1”, you'll want to sear it on all sides, then transfer it to a cooler side to continue cooking to your desired doneness.  

5. How do you feel about marbling (ie, intra-muscular fat)?

a) I love it! Which steaks are most marbled?

(Any Butcher’s Cut steak will have premium marbling)

b) I avoid it. Which steaks are leanest?

How to eat the perfect steak:

When cooked to perfection, a steak needs little more than salt, pepper & olive oil to really shine. Here’s the technique:

Grind fresh pepper and sprinkle coarse salt on your plate in separate piles. Pour a small glug of olive oil next to your piles. Slice your steak, then dip each piece in the olive oil then salt and pepper before putting it in your mouth. Each element plays off the flavors in the crust and center of the steak to create a little explosion of wonderful in your mouth.


Perfect French Bistro Style Steak

You can make this recipe with rib eye, but delmonico steak, minute London Broil, and chuck steak work wonderfully as well. 


Need more help? The Grow & Behold team is standing by. Call them at 888-790-5781 for one-on-one consultations on all things steak. They’ll help you chose the perfect steak, whatever the occasion!